Cruelty Circuit (EP)

by Cruelty Circuit



'Cruelty Circuit (EP)' is a 5 track EP album and is the very first release from the band.
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Cruelty Circuit are:

Amer Shihab - Vocals
Billy Turner - Guitar
Ben Harding - Bass
Antony Rae - Drums


released June 5, 2012

Produced and Mixed by Billy Turner
Mastered by Mike Lowe
All Songs/Musical Concepts Written, Produced and Owned by Cruelty Circuit © 2012
All Recordings Owned by Cruelty Circuit © Recorded December 2011
Artwork & Designs by Amer Shihab and Carrie Rose
© 2012 Cruelty Circuit All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Cruelty Circuit UK

Cruelty Circuit are a 4-piece Alternative metal band from Bristol (UK) that formed in 2010.

The band's genre is jokingly referred to as "King Kong metal" due to public uncertainty when defining their style but also due to the nature of their live performances.

Their influences stem from topics based on a personal to a widespread level of things that simply anger them.
...and heavy groove.
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Track Name: Parasites in Disguise
Keeping up the act
Living a false life
Parasites In disguise

No logic in your ways
Guilt melts your face
Track Name: Left To Fight
Imagine nothing
Inject virus of filth
A victim's choice

This is how we live our lives
No one's left
Left to fight
This is how we live our lives
No one's left
Left to die
This is how we live our lives

Abuse the silence
Forever silence echoes
Abuse the silence

The warm sounds of peace
Turns cold in my heart
The warm sounds of peace
In my heart

This is how we live our lives
No one's left
Left to fight
This is how we live our lives
No one's left
Left to die
Track Name: Brutality Matches Your Eyes
Brutality matches your eyes
I see through thickened skin
Bringing out the worst inside of me
You are playing a dangerous game
Mind games

Our fucking lives depend on this moment
Suffocating the lives out of this moment
Our fucking lives

Our lives depend on this moment

Choke on your false feelings you portray
Pray you can wake another day
Track Name: Eternity
Dreaming as I die
Warmth of your arms
Head against your chest
Silent heartache
Faithfully sing
Symphony affection
Head against her chest
Heart echoes mine

Love be thy doom
Lamenting spears symphony affection

An eternity of blissfulness

Our ashes scattered as infection spreads
Track Name: Wolf Among The Flock
Curse your world
Your peace is misery
Utopia crushed

My confession means nothing
I've become wolf among the flock